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The modern world is full of complex structures. Whatever it is, now we can handle it.

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Structures of variable widths at either end, tapered, stacked, staggered clamping and holding securely from 0.6m up to 0.72m width.

articulator pipes


 Poles, pipes, concrete pipes, all substrates and materials to 0.65 metres diameter and 20 metres long.

articulator masts


Masts, sections, poles, h-beams up to 0.72 metres wide and 20 metres long to 5000kg weight.

Responsive feet, telescopic legs and a central adjustable stabiliser pad. The unique features to handle multiple, complex, weighty structures.

Handling that will revolutionize rail, telecoms, civils,  and every sector of the construction industry where complex structures are commonplace.


Now there's the answer to your problems of all shapes and sizes: The Articulator.

Join us at the launch party at Rail Live and see The Articulator on sparkling form or get in touch for further details and pricing.


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The Long & The Short of It.


The Articulator 5000 can lift up to 5000 Kg.

 The Articulator 5000 can manipulate, manoeuvre and rotate sections, poles, masts and posts up to an astonishing 20m length.

With its four uniquely adjustable feet and telescopic legs, The Articulator 5000 can adjust to various changes in width and size and remain sturdy and safe.

Download a pdf of the technical data below here.



A Great British Innovation from Sandhurst.


For over 45 years, Sandhurst have been at the forefront of excavator attachments in the UK and an important presence worldwide with a particular passion and expertise in rail handling. With few RRV or excavator attachments capable of handling anything beyond a uniform straight section, our Chairman had a vision for an attachment which could handle multiple structures with ease. Our Engineering Director, previously of Auger Torque and Kinshofer, brought this vision to reality, design engineering a robust and powerful hydraulic rotating attachment working on multiple axes. 'The Articulator' revolutionises the way we handle difficult, weight structures, of all shapes and sizes.



Live Demonstration September 2018


Join us to raise to see The Articulator 5000 in action at the Rail Alliance Technology Centre in Long Marston. Team Sandhurst and our Engineering Director Neil Beard will be on hand to answer any questions and serve you a spot of lunch. RSVP.

If you'd like to find out more please contact our sales or marketing department at Sandhurst.